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At Johnston Orthodontics, we have helped countless patients fix their misaligned and crowded teeth by using a variety of braces. We can help you, too. Backed by nearly 20 years of orthodontic experience, our skilled orthodontist and team of professionals will work to completely fix your mouth, giving you straight teeth and a bright smile. We can quickly and efficiently implement, adjust, replace, or remove your braces.

Dr. Johnston is highly experienced with using braces to correct our patients’ teeth, and he is the only orthodontist in Greer to be certified as a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics. Since this is the highest accreditation an orthodontist can receive, our patients are literally receiving top-quality orthodontic services. Use our braces and services, and we can help you get a healthy, straight, and bright smile.

To learn more about our braces in Greer and how we can straighten your teeth, please either call us at (864) 412-0759 today or contact us online. Call now and schedule a free consultation!

How Braces Can Fix Your Smile

Braces are made up of several components that all work in tandem with one another. These components include brackets, archwire, elastic ties, rubber bands, and, sometimes, other pieces as well. Brackets are small bits of metal or ceramic that are temporarily bonded to your individual teeth. The rubber bands and elastic ties serve to hold the archwire to your brackets. The archwire is a thin metal wire that connects your brackets to one another, thereby applying pressure to your teeth. Over time, and with regular checkups/adjustments, this pressure will shift your teeth into their proper positions.

This process is generally used for our conventional braces, but we offer a wide selection of less conventional braces, such as our Invisalign and AcceleDent Aura options. Don’t worry, we will work closely with you to help you determine which set of braces is best for you and your teeth.

The braces we use include the following:

  • Invisalign - Dr. Johnston began using Invisalign well before any general dentists were even allowed to use it
  • AcceleDent Aura – At-home accelerator for braces
  • WildSmiles Braces- Fun shaped braces
  • INVU - Aesthetic braces
  • FLI® SL Brackets
  • Damon braces
  • Metal braces

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For personalized, proficient, and compassionate orthodontic services, visit our office in Greer today. We offer free consultations with our skilled orthodontist where we can analyze the state of your teeth and provide you with a well-informed assessment. Also, we can offer you several treatment options for your teeth, if they are in need of work. Stop by today and find out why we are the number one choice for orthodontic work for countless individuals in South Carolina.

You can reach us at (864) 412-0759 to schedule your free consultation with our orthodontist. Get our braces in Greer and get a brighter smile!

Just a Few Things That Set us Apart

  • Only Orthodontist in Greer, SC to patent his own braces.

  • Certified by the American Board of Orthodontics.

  • We Accept All Major Insurances

  • We Make Fantastic Smiles & Treat You Like Family