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Velocity Braces™ from Johnston Orthodontics

Exclusively Available from Our Greer Orthodontist

Excitement is contagious and something we are always looking for. The orthodontic world is about to be energized with the introduction of Dr. Michael Johnston's Velocity Braces™. If you haven't heard about Velocity Braces™ yet, that's because they are only available at Johnston Orthodontics in Greer, SC. What better place to learn about Velocity Braces™ than from the inventor himself?

"As a board-certified orthodontist, not only do I want to create the best possible smiles for my patients, but also, I want to give them the latest and best technology to be treated with. So, I decided to take my job one step further and actually invent the best tool for creating these awesome smiles - Velocity Braces™."

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Make it Fast

We are always asked, "how long is my treatment going to last?" Applying our knowledge of patient biology and orthodontics, Dr. Johnston’s desire was to make the fastest orthodontic bracket and method in the world.

We love creating amazing smiles for our patients that they will be proud of for their entire lives. From pencil drawings to final product, Dr. Johnston designed every aspect of Velocity Braces™ to benefit patients.

Patented Orthodontic Care

Velocity Braces™ are a "double brace," providing double the functionality which results in twice the options for tooth movement when compared to traditional braces. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Dr. Johnston not one, but two U.S. patents for his orthodontic brace and method.

Currently, Dr. Johnston is the only orthodontist in the world to use Velocity Braces™. In the near future, Velocity Braces™ will be available to orthodontists everywhere.

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Just a Few Things That Set us Apart

  • Only Orthodontist in Greer, SC to patent his own braces.

  • Certified by the American Board of Orthodontics.

  • We Accept All Major Insurances

  • We Make Fantastic Smiles & Treat You Like Family